STRAWBERRY AND LEMON CAKE and luck plucked from the jaws of disaster.

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All the way through one of the blisteringly sizzling heatwaves we had in France ultimate summer season, I equipped to take a cake to a yard celebration.  The celebration used to be to have a laugh each and every a couple of birthdays and a wedding anniversary so I wanted it to be somewhat explicit.

Bundt muffins are great for large gatherings as they’re steadily decrease smartly into quite a lot of slender slices.  Most people do not have a large slice of cake at a party, just a taste of it.  For this explicit celebration the host asked for a lemon cake so I picked a recipe that I had used quite a lot of cases previous than with giant luck. 



This time, it went horribly mistaken.

I have no idea why.


Without reference to using a very good slathering of home made cake release the cake stuck firmly to the tin.  I had that sinking feeling as I inverted the tin.  Instead of the welcome sound of a cake plopping cleanly out onto the plate – not anything.  No amount of tapping, shaking or cursing would convince it to go back out.  In the end it landed at the plate with a very good 3rd of it however stuck contained within the tin.  Rats !!


I puzzled if the over the top sugar content material subject material combined with the over the top ambient temperature had something to do with it.  I in truth don’t have any sensible reason why a recipe that has worked totally previous than should fail me now – and on such an important match, too!



That’s the approach it appeared the sooner time I made it!


I put my bearing in mind cap on and made a quick adventure to the nearest grocery retailer.  Which used to be no longer that rapid as this is a twenty minute power away.  We have now a choice of 2 supermarkets – twenty mins away in one trail or ten mins throughout the opposite – on the other hand that one closes for two hours at lunchtime.  (One of the quite old fashioned choices of lifestyles in rural France.)  So it used to be Hobson’s choice as I headed for Descartes seeking fresh strawberries. 

I was in good fortune and armed with two punnets of strawberries I was able to rescue the cake.


I sliced off the ragged top of the cake where it had stuck to the tin, spread it with a very good coating of whipped cream, filled the middle and decorated the best with strawberries and added a final flourish of strips of lemon zest and a sprinkling of freeze dried strawberries.  It appeared superb for a summer season yard celebration and tasted delicious!  Nobody asked any awkward questions so I had no should confess that it used to be very nearly a huge disaster!

You might even see the recipe for the cake proper right here.

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