SANDRINGHAM FRUIT CAKE or a tale of 2 fruit truffles #2

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I don’t make a fruit cake somewhat steadily, actually maximum years I only make one and that’s the Christmas cake.  Nonetheless, very in recent years I have made two, to fully other recipes, and been more than pleased with them.  This is in point of fact the second one and even though it sounds as if daft to put up about #2 previous than #1 I had to get this one out because of the connection with Christmas.

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The reason for making this cake began with a pass to to our nearest (actually very local) National Trust assets, Hardwick Hall, to peer the Christmas decorations.

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I love having Hardwick Hall on our doorstep and we pass to it steadily, just because we’re ready to.  The Christmas decorations did not disappoint – they’d been sexy.  We blended the day trip with a pub lunch and once we won area we discovered that our puppy were up to no just right in our absence.


After I say puppy I in point of fact indicate our strapping 16 month earlier common poodle Hugo.  He’s so massive that it’s generally hard to understand that strictly speaking he however is a puppy then again anyway he had made up our minds to chunk to bits the cover and primary few pages of my little Excellent Foods cake recipe information that I had left at the coffee table.  Little devil!


I temporarily ordered a selection reproduction from Ebay and it arrived only two days later.  It’s in just right state of affairs, secondhand and with some internet web page corners became over.  I uncover that hardly disturbing then again it’s interesting to peer what recipes the sooner owner has used.  A lot more interesting was once the magazine clipping that fell out of the information!


This has befell previous than and on that tournament, as now, I felt pressured to make the recipe.  You perhaps can read about Sharon’s Hotpot proper right here.

The recipe was once for Sandringham Fruit Cake which obviously has royal connections so I fired up the former laptop pc to peer what it was once all about.  I were given right here up with not anything very so much excluding numerous references previously and walnut cake being the Queen Mother’s favourite and a lightweight fruit cake being commonplace for afternoon tea.  I gave the impression in my recipe books and couldn’t uncover it anywhere there each. 

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So I decided to have a pass anyway and I’m in reality happy I did.  It was once gorgeous.  Needless easy to make, no longer heavy at the fruit or spice and because of this reality easy to devour.



I served it on my gorgeous new Christmas Robin cake stand, too.

The recipe is written in oz first with grams in brackets suggesting that it could be somewhat earlier then again there were no other clues as to where it had come from.  It moreover gave no size of tin to use.  I guessed an 8” from the volume of the parts then again it was once cooked part an hour previous than the time stated. 


4oz / 100g sugar (I used golden caster)

4oz / 100g margarine (I used Stork for Desserts)

8oz / 225g self raising flour

2 eggs

12oz / 350g blended dried fruit

½ cup (4 fl oz. or 125ml) milk

½ tsp blended spice


“Using a wood spoon, mix sugar and margarine jointly until creamy and stir in the rest of the parts to make a company, stodgy aggregate.”

(I creamed the sugar and Stork with my hand held mixer, then beat inside the eggs and folded in the rest of the parts.)

Turn into in a position tin and bake for roughly two hours at 160C / 315F / gasoline mk3.

Bake for 2 hours – mine was once ready in 1½ hours.

Cool inside the tin previous than turning out.

Cuts into 10 – 12 slices.

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