CELERIAC AND MUSHROOM SOUP (soup maker recipe)

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 In no way select a e-book via its cover or a soup via its colour!

This rather unappealing making an attempt grey bowlful grew to become out to be a very delicious soup!

It used to be inspired via a past due afternoon adventure to our local Tesco.  In point of fact we spark off to visit Waitrose, now that we are allowed to move somewhat further than local.  Unfortunately, since the Waitrose stores at Ashbourne and Leek were closed for just right, our nearest ultimate are all relatively a distance away at each Buxton, Sheffield or Newark.  Sheffield is the nearest of those then again the adventure there is also nowhere on the subject of as relatively as to the other two.  A discuss with to the grocer without a doubt qualifies as a run out!

We opted for Newark then again when we got there came upon a prolonged line of hapless patrons queuing up external with their trolleys.  So we took an executive decision to turn spherical and are to be had living – then again by means of Tesco because of we might have preferred some buying!  Now we’ve got suspended our “click on on and procure” buying workout in favour of actual looking for a while, merely to look how we get on.  The newfound self assurance since having our first vaccination dose.

There were a lot of veg inside the diminished bin and I swooped on a huge pack of mushrooms and one amongst kid leeks.  I already had an unused bulb (is that the appropriate word) of celeriac inside the refrigerator so a recipe began to formulate in my ideas.  

One issue I have came upon regarding the soup maker is that you simply need robust flavours and a number of the recipes I normally use seem to supply relatively a bland soup.  I have sought after just a little further seasoning or herbs added to pep them up and feature resorted to using further stock cubes/powder/pots, or, frying a number of the components previous than they cross in.  This is no great hardship because of if I chop the leeks or onions and put them inside the frying pan with some oil to cook dinner dinner while I chop the other components, it takes now to not arrange than conventional and all the factor is still ready in part an hour or so.  (As it happened I didn’t fry the leeks for this one and it used to be yummy.)


a large chew of celeriac

a pack of kid leeks (or one large leek)

4 very large mushrooms

1 medium potato

1 Tesco garlic and thyme stock pot

1 tablespoon of olive oil

a generous splash of dry sherry


Put in combination the veg via washing, peeling and slicing into cubes or chopping, as acceptable.  Put in combination enough to fill the soup maker to somewhere between the min and max lines.

Upload the stock pot, olive oil and water up to just about the max line and cook dinner dinner on “simple”.

When cooked, stir inside the sherry and salt & pepper to taste.

Makes 4 just right servings.

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