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Liver is the only offal I take pleasure in eating.  My mum loved it and we had liver with bacon and onions usually as youngsters.  It’s dead simple to make, taking only as long as the veg take to arrange dinner and you have a delicious, low value and nutritious meal at the table in super rapid time.  

This is my mum’s recipe, or reasonably, her way of cooking it.  I have not at all consulted a recipe for liver and onions and feature at all times made it this fashion ever since I left space, having watched her make it a zillion events.  She at all times used lamb’s liver and would dip the sliced liver in seasoned flour previous than cooking it in lard, which I did too for regarding the first thirty years of making it.  At the present time I merely sprinkle the flour into the sauce as it chefs.  In large part she would get ready dinner it utterly at the hob, perching a saucepan lid or plate at the pan to cover it.  Most often she would transfer it to a Pyrex dish and finish it inside the oven, ceaselessly if we were having baked potatoes with it.  They could already have been inside the oven for some time and she or he used to be now not one for shedding the gasoline if there used to be the shelf house!

The other predominant difference between then and now might be that it is going to were exceptional to serve slightly crimson, undercooked liver in our house.  My mum would were horrified at the very concept.  The entire items we ate used to be correctly cooked.  Something to do with out of date ideas about foods hygiene possibly, making an allowance for that we didn’t non-public a refrigerator until I was perhaps in my early youngsters.  That they had been way too pricey inside the early 60’s and correctly previous my parents’ method.

In this tournament we had ours with mashed potatoes and green veg.  Yum !!


Kind of 250-300g sliced lamb’s liver

2 rashers smoked bacon (once more or streaky, each is ok)

1 huge onion

1 tbslp vegetable oil

1 pink oxo cube

Worcestershire sauce

splash of pink wine if you have it open (optionally to be had)

1-2 tblsp undeniable flour


Peel and chop the onion coarsely, now not too sure.  Heat the oil in a large frying or sauté pan and get ready dinner the onion gently over medium heat until tender and easily beginning to brown, 5-10 mins.  Slice the bacon rashers into huge pieces and upload to the pan.  Cook dinner dinner for roughly 5 additional mins until the bacon is cooked.

Decrease the liver into flippantly sized slices if now not already so and remove any sinewy bits if the most important.  Upload to the pan and get ready dinner gently, turning most often until browned all over.  It could possibly however be crimson within and oozing slightly.

Fall apart the oxo cube into the pan and pour inside the wine and enough boiling water to make a sauce.  Use as so much liquid as you wish to have depending on how so much gravy you wish to have!  (We love so much if we are having mash!)  Stir to dissolve the oxo cube then sprinkle in a tablespoon of flour.  Stir another time to mix inside the flour and remove any lumps.  Upload additional flour if you have a large number of liquid until the sauce is as thick as you wish to have.  

Upload salt and pepper, an ideal splash of Worcestershire sauce, stir correctly and put a lid at the pan.  Cook dinner dinner for an additional 5-10 mins until the liver is cooked by way of.

Serves 2-3 depending on urge for meals and the best way so much veg you will have at the facet.

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