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Now I know this can also be an bizarre issue to publish about then again endure with me.

The recipe, will have to you’ll identify it that, popped up in my FB feed and I was right away pressured to make it for lunch!  We had it that day.

I was presented up on pilchards.  Now not sardines*, then again tinned pilchards in tomato sauce, warmed in a saucepan or inside the oven and served on thick slices of toasted wholemeal bread.  Right kind Hovis bread that had that delicious and unique aroma that Hovis does now not have any further.

We generally maintain in stock those very small tins of Glenryck pilchards in tomato sauce and at spherical 50p a tin they are merely the proper measurement for lunch for two.  The tins generally come with two plump pilchards that after get a divorce open and served with arduous boiled egg make one in every of our favourite salads.

Nonetheless, this specific recipe is a bit more refined than just pilchards on toast!  It accommodates overwhelmed avocado and rocket.  So, past due to the get in combination as common, I have finally discovered that overwhelmed avocados might be rather excellent – how exciting that you’ll be able to do further with an avocado than just serve it in wedges in a salad or prawn cocktail!

At the day I spotted the recipe I came about to have every a packet of ready washed rocket and two avocados in the house.  We moreover had a home made wholemeal loaf that Nick had made the day previous than.  You in all probability can see the toast recipe proper right here, although it is in point of fact for sardines and includes a sprinkling of chilli seeds which I not noted.


2 slices wholemeal bread

1 avocado

1 155g tin Glenryck pilchards in tomato sauce

a handful of rocket.


Empty the can of sardines carefully proper right into a dish or plate and get a divorce them into two along the once more and open out.  If like me you don’t seem to be partial to the larger bones remove the spines.  Transfer carefully to a small saucepan so that they don’t get a divorce into pieces and heat gently.

While the sardines are warming by the use of toast the bread.  Halve the avocado and remove the stone then the flesh with a dessert spoon.  Put the flesh proper right into a small bowl and mash with a fork.

Spread the mashed avocado at the toast, prime with the rocket then the sardines and serve warmth right away.

Serves 2.

*A sardine is a small pilchard.  In several words, pilchards are larger and plumper than sardines.

Now for the cake stands.  I had a couple of Ebay successes in recent times and added to my collection.  This one is a Clarice Cliffe introduction by means of Wedgwood and I was delighted when it arrived.  I was now not so lucky with the next one.

I generally see cabbage leaf pottery on sale at French brocantes (a brocante is like a flea marketplace) and it is generally rather pricey.  Maximum of it is usually rather hideous.  I spotted this cake stand on Ebay merely once I had already bid at the Clarice Cliffe one and it moreover were given right here with two beautiful large plates.  I was now not fussed about having the plates then again coveted the cake stand.  I became out to be the only bidder and got the lot for £15.

Unfortunately the seller made the double error of now not wrapping it very successfully and sending it by the use of Hermes.  Over the last few years we’ve been doing a dog walk that starts at a small car park at the sting of town.  It’s used by Hermes to decant parcels from their large lorry to the cars and trucks that send them to people’s homes.  I have noticed the best way through which the parcels are handled and in my opinion I might on no account use them to send one thing even vaguely fragile or further valuable than a cheese sandwich. 

The seller has refunded my money and the 3 gadgets this present day are inside the bin.  Any such shame.  It’ll most likely be a long time previous than I ever see one different one like it I rely on.

Finally, the sorrowful knowledge as mentioned inside the name is that the cake stall that we held at my office once a year isn’t going to occur.  Now not merely this 365 days (for obvious reasons) then again now not ever.  The home homeowners of the endeavor have decided that the Youngsters in Need charity is already cash rich and any budget must be raised a distinct way and given to a distinct charity. 


So, no further large baking classes to provide the truffles.  

The principle time we did it in 2003 we raised £130.  Ultimate 365 days we raised £2,113 and the grand entire over time is successfully over £15,000.  This is an horrible lot of cake and I shall pass over doing it.  It’s what renewed my interest in baking and extended my repertoire previous the yearly Christmas cake and the occasional birthday chocolate cake.


I have completed somewhat bit of study and located that the “lettuce leaf” plates and cake stand are rather sought after and might be got in different places for rather large sums of money.  The design is indubitably “geranium leaves” and now I check out the pictures they do look like geranium leaves.  I will be able to get a cake stand for £52 and the plates for £35 each and every.  What a shame that the seller did not pack them further carefully.  

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