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 Once I cleared our refrigerator in France I presented once more to the United Kingdom 3 packs of ready made pastry.  They’d been “pâte brisée”, or undeniable shortcrust pastry.  I had bought them to bake something savoury for an instance then again ultimately made a cake as an alternative.  They however had plenty of days left on them previous than the use by way of date then again they sought after using up.

The chicken, mushroom and potato parts were leftover from the sooner night time’s dinner, a type of fricasee that Nick created and served with stunning new potatoes.  I merely added the leek and a pack of smoked lardons, moreover from France.

With one different pack of pastry I made a bacon, caramelised onion chutney, spinach and cheddar quiche using this system proper right here.

The lardons were in a dual pack so this used the second one part.  We had it with hand-crafted coleslaw using this recipe proper right here.  (Moreover with baked beans – then again no one’s just right!!)

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