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We at the present time are into week two of our two week quarantine and eating our approach by way of a hotch potch of foods devices.  Some are the contents of our refrigerator in France, hurriedly cleared previous than we departed.  Some are what we similarly hurriedly concept to put proper right into a Sainsbury’s provide.  Some are what neighbours, my brother and Nick’s sister offered and left at the doorstep.  So we isn’t going to starve, even if some of the foods combinations are slightly bit out of the unusual, and we have not however had to lodge to the contents of the freezer.

As soon as I used to be little a salad used to be lettuce, tomato, cucumber, spring onions and beetroot, all area grown.  The beetroot would had been pickled in malt vinegar and there may also be area pickled pink cabbage, area pickled onions and home made piccalilli if we now have been lucky.  The beef would had been a thick slice of boiled ham, hand carved from the butcher or sliced on one of those giant reducing machines, some tinned salmon or, if we now have been very lucky, some tinned corned pork.  On explicit days it could be tongue and if we now have been very good a slice of boiled egg.  We at all times had salad for Sunday tea in the summer (having had a huge Sunday dinner of roast lamb at lunchtime).

The only dressing would had been Heinz Salad Cream.  I take into account the furore when, almost certainly throughout the 90’s, Heinz threatened to stop making Salad Cream as a consequence of deficient product sales caused by the upward push in popularity of various, additional fashionable dressings, corresponding to mayonnaise and vinaigrette.  Most of the people revolted and Salad Cream remains on our grocery retailer cupboards!

How problems trade!

This salad used to be a very good aggregate of French and English devices that sought after using up.  The main instance used to be some sliced leftover duck breast.  Every week or two we take care of ourselves to a in a position duck dish from Sainsbury’s; Gressingham duck in plum sauce.  We had joyfully added it to our rushed order for provide (although forgot additional sensible staple devices) and the portions had been giant.

There used to be the equivalent of one entire breast left over, a couple of of which we had one lunchtime in a wrap and the rest in this salad.

So, salads lately have little resemblance to those I ate in my early life and up to my forties.  Even throughout the scotch egg years (home made in the end) of the 70’s salads had been not anything like as distinctive for the reason that salads we consume in this day and age.  I don’t suppose I encountered a real avocado until successfully into the 80’s!  And as for putting one thing warmth in a salad……..my mum would have detested the easiest way it wilted her lettuce!

One different favourite is homemade coleslaw and I had remembered to put the elements into the Sainsbury’s basket.

This salad contained

Offered from France:

pink lettuce

feta cheese cubed


a few black olives

From the United Kingdom:

laborious boiled eggs

sliced leftover cold duck


cherry tomatoes

sliced leftover cooked new potatoes

For the coleslaw

a work each of white and pink laborious cabbage, shredded

1 large carrot, grated

a handful of sultanas

*I normally upload other elements if I have them in stock, corresponding to shredded fennel, sliced celery, finely sliced spring onions, chopped chives or other recent herbs, entire grain mustard, chopped walnuts.

All blended together with merely enough mayonnaise (from France) to put across it jointly, a marginally of French mustard and a dash of white wine vinegar, plus salt and pepper.

Now not a pickled onion in sight!!  Alternatively I confess to together with a blob or two of Salad Cream.

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