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I hadn’t made one in every of those in a while alternatively I had a pack of ready made, ready rolled pastry in stock.  I fancied a fruit pie for pudding.



This kind of pastry comes supplied as an oblong inside of the United Kingdom, which is good for an oblong tart or quiche alternatively now not simple to use for a double crust pie in a round pie dish.  I then remembered this recipe for an open type of pie, typically known as a galette.  (Although to me a galette in France is a type of savoury crammed pancake made with buckwheat flour.)


You don’t in reality need a recipe as such for this, just a knowledge. 


This can be a sheet of ready made shortcrust pastry, situated on a baking sheet covered with baking paper and crowned with two apples, peeled and sliced, 3 plums and a couple of nectarines, stoned and sliced. 

Scatter the fruit calmly over the pastry leaving a few 2″ margin all of the highest means round. 

Sprinkle with a couple of tablespoons of sugar (I used demerara) and fold the pastry over the fruit, pleating the perimeters in order that they stick jointly to sort an nearly complete lid.

Brush the pastry with milk and sprinkle with one different tablespoon of sugar.

Bake at 200C / 180 fan for 30-40 mins until the pastry is golden brown and the fruit cooked and bubbling slightly.


Delicious served warmth or cool without a subject you fancy – custard, ice cream, cream, crème fraîche.

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