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Internet looking for groceries has been a bit little bit of a learning curve and there may be unquestionably a knack to it.  We forever are prone to over retailer.  Partly it’s stocking up a bit bit more than usual in case next week we are unwell and self separating or if there are not any click on on and acquire slots available in the market.  It is usually partially because you not at all know how numerous what you order is unquestionably going to be supplied.  After one or two bizarre surprises we now allow no substitutions and instead order other choices in addition to ourselves.  The upshot of all this is that our refrigerator is constantly successfully stocked and we have now were given not at all eaten so successfully in our lives.  Subsequently the “lockdown waistline”  situation.

So, with some fruit to use up previous than the next lot arrived I decided to make a cake that I had noticed on a fellow blogger’s blog, “What do you are making of my cake?”.  In it Jo posted about a BBC Just right Foods recipe for a raspberry Bakewell cake which she adapted to use up some rhubarb as you might even see proper right here.  I adapted it even further to make this cake, using some strawberries and a nectarine. 

I used almond extract instead of vanilla and just for the sake of it mixed in a few tablespoon of Amaretto as successfully for added almondyness. 

It was once wet and delicious.  We had a slice of it with a cup of tea, one different slice with a tumbler of rosé, some as pudding with cream and a few further strawberries at the aspect and, ultimate of all, some as pudding with my new found out pride, at the spot custard.  Deplorable habits on the other hand it is what it is!

This is unquestionably a cake so that you could upload to my repertoire of favourite cakes that can be adapted to regardless of you’ve got gotten in the house, my type of recipe.  Because of Jo for introducing me to the cake inside the first position and you might even see the original proper right here.


140g flooring almonds

140g butter, softened (I used Country Existence Spreadable directly from the refrigerator)

140g golden caster sugar

140g SR flour

2 eggs

½ tsp almond extract
1 tblsp Amaretto liqueur
a handful of strawberries, halved
1 nectarine, chopped
2 tblsp flaked almonds


Butter and final analysis a 20cm round, deep, loose bottomed or springform tin.  Preheat the oven to 180 C / 160 fan / gasoline mk 4.

Put the entire elements but even so the fruit and flaked almonds proper right into a foods processor and blitz until successfully blended.  (I used a handheld mixer to do the activity instead of a foods processor.)

Spread kind of part of the combo into the tin and scatter the fruit on high.  Dollop the remainder mixture over the fruit and thoroughly spread out  as frivolously as you could using the once more of a spoon or via hand.  Scatter the flaked almonds over the top of the cake.

Bake for fifty mins until carried out and cool inside the tin. 

Dust with icing sugar previous than serving.

Cuts into 10-12 slices.

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