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My excellent buddy Gaynor most often makes flapjack (or is it flapjacks plural, I’m not at all sure which) using condensed milk and, each and every time I taste it (them), I hassle her to supply me the recipe.  Then sooner or later she did alternatively I can be blowed if I will uncover where I filed it.


That is most likely because of despite the fact that I’m an enthusiastic consumer of flapjack (or flapjacks) I no longer steadily cause them to.  About once each and every 5 years at the maximum in fact.  So despite the fact that I enthusiastically vowed to make the recipe immediately, obviously some time has passed and …… it used to be mislaid.  Or misfiled.  It’ll turn up because of each little factor does, in the long run.

The issue about flapjack made with condensed milk is that it’s not of the dry, crispy, “make an appointment to peer the dentist now, merely in case” dual carriageway suppliers form of flapjack.  It’s deliciously squidgy, chewy, crumbly and nearly fudgy.  Utterly delicious.  You most likely can upload problems to it, comparable to chocolate chips, chopped ginger or apricots, alternatively for my first undertaking into the sector of condensed milk flapjack I merely wanted it au nature.


Thankfully there are only a few other recipes for flapjack made with condensed milk to be found out on the net.  I decided on this one because of it made a smallish quantity.  Some seem to make enough to feed a football personnel.  Even two football teams at part time.  I merely wanted enough to take on a picnic.  It used to be to be a three specific particular person socially distanced picnic with my brother.


For twelve weeks he has hardly ever been out of the house for fear of the Armageddon previous his front door.  We made up our minds to fulfill somewhere between his house and ours and decided on most of the people park at Darley Dale.


This can be a beautiful spot and we have now been lucky with the local weather.  It used to be an exquisite sunny day, alternatively no longer too sizzling, so excellent for a leisurely walk around the park to soak up the duck pond, the croquet lawn and the bowling green.  There were a variety of other folks there alternatively the trails are huge and no one had to destroy the social distancing rule of 2m to be able to get spherical.


There are moreover a variety of benches around the park to take the weight off the ft and revel in a picnic of coffee from a flask and home made flapjack.  All the benches gave the impression to be slightly historical, maximum being engraved with the name of a space one who had probably cherished the park a very long time previous than.



I may no longer lend a hand wondering how one qualified to have one’s name honored on a park bench.


As opposed to at the side of the bowling green clutter bin!




125g butter

100g golden syrup

90g golden caster sugar

280g porridge oats

Part a 400g tin of condensed milk (I used merely over part)

2 tsp vanilla extract




Line a 20cm (8″) sq. tin with baking paper.  Preheat the oven to 180 C / 160 fan / fuel mk4.


Put the butter, syrup and sugar into a large non stick pan and heat gently until the butter has melted.  Stir most often and do not let it boil.


Upload the condensed milk and vanilla and heat for an extra 5 mins.  Remove from the heat and stir throughout the oats.


Pour into the tin and degree the very best.  If one thing have the edges slightly thicker than the middle as the edges will then be a lot much less much more likely to brown or burn too in a while.


Bake for 20-30 minutes until the edges are brown and the centre turning golden.


Go away throughout the tin for 20 mins then carry out and decrease into 16 squares.  This makes excellent deep squares alternatively for many who use a larger tin it’s possible you’ll make shallower palms.


Cuts into 16 flapjack(s).

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