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My brother, who lives 60 miles away, has been in more or less solitary confinement for 6 weeks and has slightly ventured out but even so to buy foods, maximum of which he gets from his small local Co-op. 


One of the problems he struggled to get was once bread.  No drawback, he idea, as he has a breadmaking gadget.  Then he discovered, like the rest of us, that there was once no flour to be had inside the shops, even extending his seek to greater supermarkets. 


 Anyway, I have been lucky.


In our local Tesco and Aldi I controlled to get some self raising flour – Homepride in Tesco and private type in Aldi.  I didn’t have over the top expectancies of the Aldi flour then again if truth be told it was once utterly ok.

We also have in our area a small chain of shops known as Taylor’s who are in reality corn outlets.  They look like puppy shops as they advertise puppy foods and gear, then again as well as they advertise superb flour.  It appears the local flour hoarders have no longer realised it is advisable to acquire flour in a puppy retailer so there is also in most cases some in the market.


I parcelled up a supply of bread flour to send to my brother so that he might make himself some bread.  Moreover some dried yeast, granulated sugar and a few other bits and pieces that the panic looking for locusts had cleared from his local shops, at the side of cleansing cleaning soap.  I moreover integrated a loaf tin (in case he most well liked to simply make the dough inside the gadget and bake the bread inside the oven and apologising for the colour – red), the sector of Homepride SR flour and a jar of flooring ginger so that he might make a cake. 


I considered what recipe he might use with what he was once susceptible to have in stock, adapted this recipe for sticky ginger cake from the Clandestine Cake internet website, and decided it’s in all probability largest to try it out myself first.  I substituted granulated sugar for the brown sugar, additional flooring ginger for the preserved ginger, used Stork as a substitute of butter on account of it creams so just by hand and drizzled it with golden syrup as I didn’t think he would have icing sugar in stock.  Because of it was once baked in a loaf tin, no longer a round tin, it took 15 minutes longer to bake.



I outlined simple how one can line the tin with baking paper, despite the fact that a fair larger piece than this may were upper.



 It grew to become out to be a in point of fact just right cake. 


It would finally have had a novel flavour using the brown sugar and preserved ginger inside the recipe, then again it was once lovely.  It was once just right and gingery with a gentle, even crumb and would also be superb as a pudding with some custard.  Most people might make it from what they have inside the kitchen cupboard.




180g Stork margarine (or any spreadable butter, or in fact refined butter)

180g granulated sugar

3 eggs, beaten jointly in a small bowl

180g self raising flour

5 tsp flooring ginger

2 tblsp golden syrup


1 tblsp golden syrup for drizzling




Grease a 900g (2lb) loaf tin.  Decrease an oblong of baking paper and use it to line the tin.  Slashing the corners will make it more practical to fit smartly into the tin.  Preheat the oven to 180C / 160 fan / gasoline mk 4.


Put the margarine into a large bowl with the sugar and beat like hell with a wood spoon until blank and creamy.


Upload the eggs in thirds, beating in successfully.  Upload a spoonful of flour if the mix seems to curdle.


Upload the flour, ginger and golden syrup and stir in gently.  (Don’t beat.)


Spoon the mix into the able tin and level the easiest.  Bake for 45-50 mins until golden brown and completed.


Remove from the oven and poke holes inside the top of the cake with a skewer or knife degree.  Drizzle some additional golden syrup over the cake, most likely a few tablespoonful, and spread over the cake with the once more of a spoon.


Cool inside the tin for 10 mins.  Use the edges of the baking paper to rigorously elevate the cake out onto a twine rack. 

Take into account it’s going to most probably be fragile while nevertheless warmth so, if it might no longer elevate out merely, position a plate on top of the cake tin and invert it so that the cake drops out of the tin.  Then elevate off the tin and position the twine rack on top of the bottom of the cake and tip it the improper manner up another time so that the cake in any case finally ends up the most efficient way up at the rack.


Cuts into 10-12 slices.

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