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Now that many of us seem to have overtime on our hands, living in this slightly surreal life, we, like most people, are having to make do or be a little further creative with our foods.  Nipping out for a lettuce, because of we’ve now run out and fancy a salad for lunch, is not a smart risk so we are spending overtime checking our cupboards to look what is lurking in there and – this part is by no means a hardship – checking my cookbooks for ideas.

This is a little bit of a hen and egg state of affairs.  Should I find a recipe then glance to look if I have the elements?  Or should I see what elements I have and seek for an acceptable recipe?  In this case it was once the former.  A happy hour spent leafing by means of some cookbooks I don’t normally get out to play with grew to become up this recipe.  It comes from a information referred to as “One Pot Wonders” via Lindsey Bareham.


It’s always pleasing when what you cook dinner dinner turns out exactly like the picture inside the information.


I had noticed quite a few luggage of four Cumberland sausages lurking in my dad’s freezer once I had a clear out.  He used to maintain himself to 4 each time he went to his preferred grocery retailer and within the match that they didn’t get eaten that they had been put inside the freezer.  He’s 91 now and because he gave up using he’s moreover given up buying and cooking and only eats microwavable ready foods from the local Nisa retailer, or ones that we offer him with. 


The unused sausages were all getting on a little so we had taken them off his hands to make room for a stock of ready foods in preparation for the approaching lockdown.  Nick moreover remembered a pack of Puy lentils hiding at the back of a cupboard.  So we had all of the required elements for what promised to be a in point of fact tasty dinner.



We adjusted the parts to serve merely the two folks and cooked the sausages inside the oven rather than frying them as consistent with the recipe.  We left out the chillies as I will not consume chillies and added some mushrooms because of that they had been there.  You perhaps can see the original recipe proper right here.


It was once delicious and left us wondering why we don’t cook dinner dinner with lentils further normally.




1 tblsp olive oil

4 just right fat sausages (Cumberland, Lincolnshire or any you’re going to have available in the market)

1 onion, peeled and finely chopped

1 clove of garlic, finely chopped

2 small or 1 huge carrot, peeled and chopped into small dice

quite a few mushrooms, thickly sliced

100g Puy lentils

500ml stock made with a stock cube of your variety (red meat, veg, hen then again most likely no longer fish)

salt and pepper

some chopped parsley if you have any

a lemon wedge if you have one and Dijon mustard to serve




Preheat the oven to 180° Fan.  Prick the sausages and lay on a baking tray coated with scrunched up baking paper.  Bake for roughly 20-30 minutes until correctly browned and cooked by means of, turning every now and then so that they brown frivolously.


While the sausages are cooking, heat the olive oil in a large, deep frying pan or sauté pan.  Upload the onion and garlic and cook dinner dinner for 5 mins.  Upload the carrot and mushrooms and cook dinner dinner for an extra 5 mins.


Upload the lentils and stock, ship to the boil, cover and simmer for roughly 30 minutes until the lentils are smooth and numerous the liquid has been absorbed.  (Through now the sausages will even be cooked.)


Decrease the cooked sausages artistically in part at the slant and upload to the pan with the chopped parsley.  Season with salt and pepper to taste and reheat as wanted.


Serve with a lemon wedge and Dijon mustard.


Serves 2.

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