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I first posted about those in 2013 which you are able to see proper right here. 

This one year I made them all over again, on the other hand with a transformation to the recipe.




This time I made my own pancakes on the other hand I confess – I used a packet of pancake mix. 

Totally unforgivable considering how simple pancakes are to make from scratch on the other hand there befell to be a packet of pancake mix throughout the cupboard so I used it.  As to why it was once there…..I picked it up via mistake as soon as I used to be in a hurry one time brooding about it was once collapse mix.  (Moreover unforgivable on the other hand hi there ho.)


The other products you can uncover is the little cartons of Béchamel sauce.  We get those in France because of generally we wish just a small quantity of it for something.  Creating a small quantity from scratch is – effectively, additional hassle – and so they are very good for that.  We offered them once more to the United Kingdom at the end of our stay in France ultimate one year they usually sought after using up.  We used two for this recipe.


The dish was once the appropriate size for 6 pancakes so I divided my filling aggregate flippantly using those little plastic bowls.  They come in a collection of six from the kids’s section in Ikea and I uncover them perfect for measuring out elements when baking. 


I even weighed each one and even though it might seem to be a little bit little bit of a faff it was once sooner than guessing how so much to position into each pancake then teeming and ladling to make they all equivalent.  Each and every portion was once about 100g. 



Having tipped part of the jar of sauce into the dish I arranged the pancakes snugly on top and coated with the rest of the jar of sauce.



On went the Béchamel sauce and a really perfect sprinkling of grated Cheddar.  A fully yummy dinner made out of scratch (on the other hand using cheat’s elements) and however all over again I wondered why I only make pancakes annually!




250g bag spinach

250g bathtub ricotta cheese

1 pack of six unsweetened pancakes (or make six of your personal!)

1 500g jar tomato sauce for pasta
a couple of pint of Béchamel or cheese sauce for topping (handmade or retailer bought)

cheddar cheese for grating on top




Preheat the oven to 200°C / 180° fan / gas mk 6.


Empty the bag of spinach into a large colander and stand it throughout the sink.  Pour boiling water over it immediately from the kettle to wilt it then refresh underneath cold operating water immediately from the tap.  Squeeze as so much liquid as potential from the spinach and put it in a medium bowl.  Upload the ricotta and mix jointly.


Spread part of the jar of tomato sauce into the ground of a lasagne dish and spread out flippantly.


Take kind of a 6th of the spinach aggregate and spread it over one pancake.  Roll up and position it, be part of underneath, on top of the tomato sauce.  Repeat with the remainder pancakes.


Pour the remainder sauce from the jar flippantly over the pancakes.  Cover with the Béchamel or cheese sauce and sprinkle some grated cheese on top.


Bake for 40-50 mins.  Serve with salad and crusty bread.


Serves 4. 

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