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The Bakewell tart I made the other week went down so effectively that one different one was once asked.



This time I decided to make the recipe in my Be-Ro information.


This recipe uses ground rice and ground almonds for the topping then again no flour (but even so inside the pastry).  This can be a very very long time since I had any ground rice in the house and it proved onerous to go looking out.  Sainsbury’s, Tesco and the Co-op didn’t have any then again I finally tracked some down in Morrison’s. 

How events alternate.  Ground rice pudding was once a quick and easy pudding to make and a favourite of mine as a baby.  While an adult, after I would possibly make a choice for myself what I had to get ready dinner, it was once a real handle.  Now I’m not able to remember the general time I used any.  It’s no doubt that the remains of a packet was once thrown out in one among my house moves all over the ultimate 5 years and until now I hadn’t ignored it.  Now I have some all over again I’m not able to consider how I lived without it.  I in point of fact like ground rice pudding, in conjunction with not unusual rice pudding and – flaked rice pudding!  Does anyone needless to say?  I in point of fact really feel pressured to buy a packet of flaked rice as temporarily as I see one.  Sainsbury’s used to have it then again as it was once next to the ground rice at the shelf……I’m really not too hopeful about ever getting any.



I’m slightly sure the recipe my mum used would were the only inside the Be-Ro information.  However, it has changed.  Comparing the two newest editions, the most recent (41st) has further butter and sugar than the sooner (40th) model and also two eggs as an alternative of one.  I decided to move together with it and spot how it grew to become out.

I have a in point of fact small collection of Be-Ro books and the recipe has various slightly somewhat over the years.  In my battered replica of the 32nd model (which worth 1/6d so may well be overdue 60’s) there are only 2oz each of margarine, sugar and ground almonds, plus 1 egg and 1oz round rice, which would possibly rarely have made enough filling to fill the tart.



This Bakewell tart was once very completely other to the only I made ultimate time.


The texture was once far more dense and sticky and, as it’s possible you’ll wait for, a lot much less cakey and additional grainy than previous than.  That can be the ground rice as a substitute of the flour.  It happened to me that during days of yore ground rice with a drop of 2 of almond essence would possibly effectively were a more economical other to ground almonds, which only made an occasional glance in my mum’s baking, essentially at Christmas.



I might be onerous pressed to make a decision on which one I hottest.  I slightly most well-liked the denser stickiness of the Be-Ro recipe then again felt it will have finished with longer inside the oven.  I used the heated baking tray trick then again inside the centre of the tart the pastry was once indubitably soggy.  Slightly cooked actually.  So much so that I’m tempted to remake it to the sooner model’s recipe, with a lot much less butter, sugar and only one egg, to look if it makes a difference.  I wonder what made them resolve to change the recipe all over again.




Shortcrust or sweet pastry made with about 175g flour, homemade or retailer bought


For the topping


2-3 tblsp raspberry jam


4oz butter or margarine (I used Stork baking spread)

4oz caster sugar

4oz ground almonds

2oz ground rice

2 eggs, overwhelmed

plenty of drops almond essence


2-3 tblsp icing sugar to embellish




Preheat the oven to 190°C / 170° fan / gas mk5.  Roll out the pastry to fit a greased 20cm flan dish or tin.


Cream jointly the Stork and sugar.  Mix the ground rice and almonds jointly and beat into the combo alternately with the eggs.  Beat inside the almond essence.


Spread a generous layer of jam over the pastry and dollop at the almond aggregate.  Spread out flippantly and bake for 35-40 mins.


To decorate, mix the icing sugar with enough water to make a creamy consistency and drizzle over the tart when totally cold.


Cuts into 8 slices.

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