BAKEWELL TART and the Bakewell pudding conundrum.

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There is a substantial amount of confusion around the Bakewell tart.


Residing within a lot of miles of Bakewell for lots of of my adult existence, a Bakewell tart is something that I grew up with.  My mum used to make one for Sunday tea ceaselessly and one different exact take care of was once to have one from the baker’s van when he were given right here to the village two or 3 times each week as soon as I used to be slightly of lady.


I take into account the baker – or a minimum of the van driving force – status at the once more doorstep of the house, wearing a white coat coated in flour and wearing a large wicker basket weighted down with all kinds of sweets.  With me being only knee over the top the basket was once at merely the right kind most sensible for me to seem round my mum’s apron and achieve in to select something for tea.  The Bakewell tarts were delicious, full of raspberry jam and almond sponge and with a thick blanket of white icing, crowned with a glacé cherry.  I take into account biting the cherry off first, then licking off the icing, then scoffing the rest.  (Very similar to this present day – only joking !!)




The confusion however, is between the Bakewell tart and the Bakewell pudding.  They are two utterly more than a few issues alternatively a lot of people suppose they are the similar.  They are in most cases at a loss for words via foods writers and bloggers and in the event you occur to in truth want to know the consideration, see this newsletter via Bloomers, the baker’s in Bakewell.

Principally, the pudding is a flaky pastry case full of something which is just about an almond custard.  It kind of feels and tastes totally totally other from the Bakewell tart, which is a shortcrust pastry case full of a layer of jam and crowned with a type of frangipane cake mixture.  The pudding is ceaselessly unadorned and might glance relatively unappealing, while the tart is an element of natural class, in most cases crowned with flaked almonds and/or iced in one way or one different.


The legend is going that the pudding was once invented via a get ready dinner at the Rutland Palms (even though it was once referred to as the White Horse at the time), a Mrs Greaves, who purchased the recipe mistaken when creating a dessert.  Like every legends, historians doubt its validity as recipes may well be found out for a type of Bakewell pudding relationship to correctly previous than Mrs Greaves’ time.



A previous Bakewell tart.


The confusion is understandable as evidently every permutations of the Bakewell delicacy have complicated from the similar original recipe.  Foods historian Ivan Day, who makes commonplace appearances on TV, has a very good article about it proper right here which is correctly worth finding out.


Fashionable recipes for every truffles fluctuate hugely.  I’m beautiful sure my mum would have used the recipe for Bakewell tart this is inside the BeRo e e book which comprises ground almonds and ground rice inside the topping.  Some, like Mary Berry’s Easy Bakewell Tart proper right here contain only ground almonds alternatively I want it to be slightly cakey, with slightly of flour in it.  The only inside the symbol above that I made previous (2013 it seems that) is to a singular Mary Berry recipe that makes a large tart to feed a crowd, with flour inside the almond topping.  When looking at recipes the other day I moreover were given right here all over one that had breadcrumbs inside the topping. 


To probably the most highest of my knowledge I on no account had the excitement of sampling a Bakewell pudding until correctly into adulthood.  This is most likely as a result of the provision – the tarts were at the baker’s van and the puddings were not, being only in the market in Bakewell itself and a few other shops regionally.  I moreover wonder whether it is something to do with the appearance…..


Now we have merely had the excitement of our American pals (who now keep in France) staying with us for each week.  Derbyshire in February is hard from a tourist viewpoint alternatively they totally beloved it and loved Bakewell, it being all they idea a old fashioned little English country town will have to be.  Peering into the window of the Pudding retailer at the basket of puddings, they were not tempted to speed in and development one.  I think Paul Hollywood sums it up totally in his wonderful e e book “British Baking” where he says that the pudding should not be as sublime since the tart and has even been unkindly compared to a cowpat.  That is, I think, what put me off it for years.


In the end, I assumed it may well be excellent to make a Bakewell tart for our American pals. I used a recipe which was once simple and easy from “The Great British Guide of Baking”.  It was once delicious and a success with them. 

Paul Hollywood has a recipe for every Bakewell tart and Bakewell pudding in his e e book that glance beautiful so in the future I shall make every of them to compare.  Watch this space!




Shortcrust or sweet pastry made with about 175g flour, home made or retailer bought


For the topping


2-3 tblsp raspberry jam


60g softened butter (I used Stork baking spread)

60g caster sugar

30g self raising flour

50g ground almonds

¼ tsp baking powder
1 medium egg
a lot of drops of vanilla essence

a handful of flaked almonds to decorate


Preheat the oven to 180°C / 160° fan / gasoline mk 4.  Put a baking tray inside the oven to heat up.*

Roll out the pastry thinly and use to line a greased 20-22cm tart tin or flan dish.  Spoon enough jam into the pastry case to cover the bottom thinly and spread out flippantly. 

Put the entire reverse topping elements proper right into a bowl and beat correctly with a wooden spoon or electric whisk until correctly blended.  Spoon the mix over the jam.  It’s best to position spoonfuls around the edge of the tart to make a seal between the mix and the pastry case, then spoon the rest into the middle and spread out flippantly.  Scatter the flaked almonds over the top.

Bake for 30 minutes or until the topping is golden brown and company to the touch.  Remove from the oven and leave to cool previous than turning out. 

Dust with icing sugar or drizzle with a water icing in the event you occur to love previous than serving.

Serves 6.

*This method of placing the tart inside the oven on a heated baking tray perceived to paintings fairly neatly and the ground was once excellent and crisp.  Possibly that’s the respond to the “soggy bottom” as an alternative of baking blind.

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