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How do you poach your eggs?


I have struggled with poached eggs for years, in conjunction with the scary scones and meringues.  Having finally banished my scone nemesis and mastered meringues ultimate three hundred and sixty five days I am totally satisfied to mention that – in the end – I have worked out how you can produce a good poached egg.  My mum at all times mentioned that problems are to be had in threes and it sort of feels that it counts for successes along with screw ups or screw ups.  (Or buses.)  One different of her sayings used to be “if to start with you don’t prevail, attempt another time”.


Up to now I have attempted each and every methodology going.  Losing the problems proper right into a saucepan complete of swirling simmering water, which produced a kind of amoeboid blob with a detached yolk. 

Nigella Lawson’s methodology of shedding them from a cup with a touch of lemon juice into nearly nevertheless, slightly simmering water.  That methodology used to be k on the other hand now not excellent as results were not unswerving.


Years prior to now I bought a non stick poaching pan to which they stuck like glue, generating part a ragged poached egg for your toast.  That went into the bin in conjunction with the bits of egg stuck to it – I may just now not ship myself to take it to the charity retailer where someone would possibly fork out a quid for it to complete up with only part an egg each and every time.




I non-public a suite of very snazzy and brightly coloured poaching pods, in conjunction with the scoop that permits you to lift them in and out of the pan without scalding your finger concepts.  They paintings on the other hand are a real faff, having to butter them first and nevertheless finishing up with a couple of of your egg refusing to go back out. 



As well as they produce an egg this is utterly very good on the other hand shaped like a flying saucer, now not natural in need of like you get in an excellent eating place. 


Thought to be one among my favourite starters at our local favourite eating place is a poached egg served on black pudding on toast.  The egg is perfect each and every time, shaped desire it is been quenelled – and we all know what which means in keeping with James Martin.  The consideration between a dollop and a quenelle is twenty quid.  I did once ask the waitress how the chef did it and she or he looked at me like I had merely emerged from a flying saucer.  She mentioned she would ask him on the other hand under no circumstances returned to the table, sending someone else instead.


We have now now mates who have given us a complete English breakfast a few cases, thin type, all grilled and poached instead of fried.  The husband chefs the eggs and they are excellent each and every time.   I have watched how he does it and it sort of feels to be actually simple.  When I have attempted it his means we get the amoeboid blob another time.


The necessary factor to luck seems to be, for me, after all, vinegar. 

Nick has been averse to vinegar inside the cooking of poached eggs after too many hotel breakfasts with vinegary eggs when he used to be operating.  Then again I have discovered that in the event you occur to make use of white wine vinegar, now not malt vinegar, chances are you’ll slightly taste it.  In fact I defy any one to understand that vinegar has been used the least bit.


My concepts for success are to get your whole eggs shelled and ready in little cups or ramekins – this is in all probability now not mandatory in the event you occur to only have two to poach on the other hand with more than two it lets in they all to be dropped into the pan in rapid succession so they are all cooked at the equivalent time.

Boil the kettle and pour the water proper right into a frying pan.  Intensity is not very important but even so that it needs to be deep enough to cover the eggs.  Slosh in an excellent splash of white wine vinegar, in all probability a few tablespoonful.  Ship once more to the boil, scale back the heat so that the water is simmering gently then slide the eggs in carefully one at a time, from very close to the water, so that they retain where you’ve got gotten put them.  That means you know which one went in first and will probably be cooked first with just a few moments between each and every. 

Then leave them on my own, but even so most likely to spoon water gently over the top if they aren’t quite totally covered.  No pushing or stirring.  They are cooked when the whites at the moment are now not translucent on the other hand white, which will probably be about 5 mins for a mean egg.  Turn off the heat.




Using a slotted spoon, slide it under the egg that went in first and gently lift it out onto your toast, plate (or a sheet of kitchen paper first if you want to drain it of water totally).  It’s possible you’ll want to ease it gently off the bottom of the pan whether it is stuck slightly on the other hand so far I have now not burst a yolk doing this – gently does it.  Repeat with the other eggs in the right kind order – the water will nevertheless be scorching so they’re going to continue cooking until you lift them out.  Stand once more and recognize the beauty of your introduction triumphantly. 


Season with salt and pepper and enjoy!

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