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This is but yet another of those very useful recipes that I would like I had heard of a few years up to now.



I always had the idea that {that a} frittata was once some form of distinctive dish that required quite a lot of faffing and was once because of this truth inside the magnificence of “now not for us”.


The first actual time I had a frittata (as far as I know) was once about two years up to now, in France, when a brand spanking new excellent buddy served mini ones as nibbles for apéros.  She made two sorts, cooked in a mini muffin tin and served slightly warmth, and every had been totally delicious.  She gave me a reproduction of her recipe and I temporarily sussed that this was once simply one of those omelette and why oh why had I on no account made one myself?!



Since then I have been making frittatas for us at every choice.  Through choice I suggest the need to fritter away some ins and outs inside the refrigerator.  Believe me, there may be on no account any will have to go out and buy something in particular for a frittata, as long as you are going to have eggs and a few tasty bits to use up you’ll be able to prepare dinner dinner.  As a quick and tasty way of using leftovers it’s up there with “refrigerator bottom quiche” and “Sunday dinner pie” on the other hand so much, so much quicker.  It makes a fantastic meal for lunch, supper or even breakfast.


For this one I used green and yellow peppers, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and about part of a Matteson’s smoked sausage.  In the past I have moreover used bits of potato, cooked broccoli or other veg (peas and asparagus are very good), cooked lardons, smoked salmon or shredded hen.



We had ours with garlic potatoes and a (small) green salad.  For the potatoes I merely boiled only a few kid potatoes (while the frittata was once being created) and, after they have got been cooked and tired, tumbled them in a very good tablespoon of Heinz garlic sauce while however warmth.  Deelish.




More or less part each and every of a green and yellow pepper, washed, de-seeded and scale back into chunks.

a handful of mushrooms, washed and thickly sliced

6-8 cherry tomatoes, washed and halved

More or less part of a Matteson’s smoked sausage (or some other cooked sausage), thickly sliced

4 eggs, crushed and seasoned with salt and pepper




Preheat the oven to 200 C / 180 fan.  Heat a tablespoon of vegetable oil in a frying pan, preferably one with a metal handle that can be used inside the oven.


Upload the chopped veg and prepare dinner dinner on medium heat until merely soft.  Upload the smoked sausage and heat by way of.


Pour the eggs over the filling and prepare dinner dinner gently as must you will have been making an omelette for approximately 5 mins.  Take a look at if the eggs are set underneath via lifting up the edge of the frittata to look if the bottom is ready and golden brown. 


If your frying pan handle is oven evidence, transfer the pan to the oven.  If now not, gently slide the frittata onto an oven evidence plate or dish of an appropriate measurement.  Get ready dinner inside the oven until the eggs are set on top and beginning to brown.  (You can also do this underneath a sizzling grill must you need.)




Serve in an instant without a subject you desire to pass together with it – potatoes, salad, chips, veg, beans…..one thing.


Serves 4 as a lightweight lunch, 2 as a maximum essential meal.

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