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Merely if you happen to STILL have some turkey leftover, that’s what we do yearly with ours.



This 365 days I made a type of our standard Christmas Dinner Pie (which you are able to see proper right here) using leftover potatoes instead of pastry as a topping.

All you do is to put all the Christmas dinner leftovers, in conjunction with shredded turkey, sprouts, carrots, stuffing, bread sauce, parsnips, pigs in blankets – all of the items in truth – into an acceptable sized dish.  Pour over the leftover gravy or make further if sought after.  Top with sliced potatoes and spray those with oil spray (or brush with melted butter).  Bake for 30 minutes at 180 fan until the potatoes are browned and the filling is bubbling around the edges.  Delicious !!  We beloved ours on Boxing Day alternatively a whole lot of the leftovers will handle for an afternoon or two longer throughout the refrigerator previous than it is a will have to to make use of them up.



The next day I used my now not too way back discovered risotto recipe to make a turkey, leek and pea risotto.  I used this recipe proper right here alternatively I used chunks of turkey (in conjunction with the general couple of pigs in blankets that had amazingly escaped discovery throughout the refrigerator) and rooster stock (Oxo cube) instead of the smoked haddock and fish stock. I modified the spinach with frozen peas, together with them with the turkey previous than the risotto went throughout the oven. 
The recipe serves 4 people so I simply halved the parts to make a pleasing dinner for the two folks.  It used to be scrumptious!

We however have relatively turkey left which is still just right so for this night’s dinner we will possibly have a turkey, leek and mushroom pie with a pastry lid.  There will also be sprouts (fresh ones!) and carrots to move together with it and just about in truth reheated leftover Christmas pudding with custard and home made brandy butter to watch.  Long long gone are the days after I threw out the remainder turkey after I ran out of ideas to use it up.  At the moment leftovers are the most effective elements of Christmas for me!

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