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Through this time of year we are generally successfully an in reality courgetted out and understanding of ideas how you’ll devour our method by means of a glut of them. Nonetheless, this year our courgette vegetation have not completed so successfully, essentially because of the drought proper right here in France.  We had only some yellow courgettes previous in the summer, then the heat stopped the vegetation in their tracks.  The green courgette plant produced only some tiddlers then throughout the tough sizzling winds in August the best of the plant broke off and that was once the top of that.

The local weather has finally returned to at least one factor like common and actually for all the of October we’ve had quite a lot of rain.  The grass has grew to become from a crozzled and decided brown to a lush green and you’ll just about pay attention the flower beds sigh with assist as they soaked up the rain and started to broaden over again.  And now we are getting massive yellow courgettes.


I was actually buying groceries my prepare dinner dinner books for recipes using plums after I happened upon this one for courgettes. 


It’s in a information by way of a lady known as Fran Warde who it is imaginable you can now not have heard of.  She co-wrote the cookery books of French recipes along side Joanne Harris, she of the “Chocolat” novels and film.  Those prepare dinner dinner books are value having just for the pictures on my own and I have passed many an hour poring over the pictures of sunny French markets in darkest February, when the local weather outside in Derbyshire was once at its maximum foul.



The concept that of courgettes on toast did appear to be an extraordinary concept alternatively I may just now not withstand having a move.  You’re making a mixture of grated courgette, egg, shallot and cheddar cheese, pile it on toast and grill until golden brown.  One of the similar issue I will believe could be a tartine – toast with numerous fillings served proper right here in France.



I moreover happened to have 3 quarters of a pain throughout the freezer – a pain is a huge baguette and makes shocking toast.  We wish to use up as a large number of the refrigerator and freezer contents as attainable previous than we go back to the United Kingdom for the iciness so this recipe ticked a variety of packing containers – moreover using up an egg, some cheddar (which has already crossed the channel once), a stray shallot and a yellow courgette directly from the vegetable patch.


It was once delicious.  Nick expressed a certain quantity of scepticism alternatively was once in an instant won over after the principle mouthful.  We can for sure be having those over again.




4 chunky slices of bread

1 huge courgette

1 shallot, finely chopped

1 small egg

about 50g grated cheddar cheese

a very good dash of Worcestershire sauce

salt and pepper




Toast the bread on both sides.


Grate the courgette and pile it proper into a transparent tea towel.  Gather the tea towel up and squeeze as so much liquid as attainable out of the courgettes.


Put the courgette proper right into a bowl with the entire reverse components and mix successfully.  Divide the mix between the pieces of toast, piling it on prime then pressing down slightly with a fork.


Position underneath a sizzling grill and prepare dinner dinner until the filling is lightly browned and the cheese bubbling.  It’ll take about 5 mins depending at the heat of your grill so cling your eye on it.


Serve in an instant.


Serves two.


For added ideas on using a glut of courgettes:

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