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Those want to be plenty of the worst photographs of a cake that I have ever submit in this blog then again the cake is one of the greatest.



Some time up to now Phil of “As Tough as Soup” blog posted about Michael Barry’s Suave Chocolate Cake and ever since then I have been that implies to bake it. It’s hard to believe that I have waited seven years to make this cake! (Such a lot of truffles, so little time.)  You are able to be told Phil’s put up about it proper right here.


Michael Barry had the cooking slot inside the old-fashioned Foods and Drink series at the BBC and I consider having a laugh with his no nonsense sort.  Phil provides additional information about him in his put up and a link to the recipe at the Oxfam internet website.  Unfortunately the link no longer works so I googled the cake and were given right here right through it posted as a contributor’s recipe on Nigella Lawson’s internet website.  Something about this style of the cake one way or the other didn’t reasonably ring true and at the once more of my ideas I thought it used to be no longer the similar as the original.




Thankfully, no longer long ago I obtained a duplicate of  the book that it comes from, Michael Barry’s Foods and Drink Cookbook, published in 1991. (From a charity retailer for £1, where else?)  There are subtle permutations between his recipe and the only on Nigella’s internet website so I decided to head at the side of the original.



The cake used to be destined for a birthday get jointly of merely 5 ladies and I was dismayed when the cream I intended to fill it with would simply no longer whip up stiffly enough to use it.  Glurpy cream oozing out of the middle of an in some other case appropriate cake merely would possibly not do for a birthday so I left it out and easily stuffed it with a very good layer of cherry jam as an alternative.  I was similarly, if not more dismayed when the second one sponge cracked as I situated it on top of the principle.  A very good dense dusting of icing sugar used to be no longer enough to cover the crack then again nobody gave the impression to ideas.


Cracked top and loss of cream then again, this used to be a excellent cake.  Phil waxes lyrical about it and reasonably rightly so.  Throughout the book Mr Barry boasts that his cake used to be sooner to make and maximum popular with the Foods and Drink group of workers over an identical recipe by means of the WI! 

It is a doddle to make, (even though it takes longer to bake than other all-in-one sponge truffles) has a gorgeous gentle texture and just right chocolate flavour.  What additional would possibly you wish to have from a recipe?




175g self raising flour

4 heaped tblsp cocoa powder

1 heaped tsp baking powder

100g caster sugar

1 dessert spoon black treacle

150ml sunflower oil

150ml milk

2 large eggs


For the filling


4-5 tblsp cherry jam

approx. 200ml double cream




Grease and line the bases of 2 18cm sandwich tins.  Preheat the oven to 160C / 140 Fan.


Put all the cake ingredients proper right into a foods processor and blend until you will have a dark brown creamy batter.


Divide between the two tins and bake for 40-45 mins.


Remove from the tins and cool on a cord rack.


To serve, sandwich the truffles at the side of a very good layer of jam and a couple of whipped cream.  dust thickly with icing sugar on top.


Cuts into 8-10 slices.

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