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Previous this week a friend gave me a whole box of apricots from her tree.  There were plenty of pounds of gorgeous fruit, all ready to devour or use in no time, so I had to put my taking into consideration cap on.  The main concept that sprung to ideas used to be to make jam.
However, I’m almost definitely now not a jam making person throughout the sense that whilst I have the benefit of the process of making jam and uncover it very fulfilling and healing (there may be something so homely and wholesome about it), we don’t in reality devour fairly a large number of jam.  In consequence the excitement from the making is short lived when in search of somewhere to store the jars of jam or any individual to offer them to.  It seems that maximum of our family and associates don’t use fairly a large number of jam each and further has a tendency to go back our approach than we will supply away.  The result is a web succeed in of handmade jam every year, delicious and tempting stuff.  Now we have handmade jam courting once more to 2014 or even previous, unopened and crying out for a very good scone…….

One of the benefits of being a recipe addict is that I recall fairly a large number of recipes.  Via that I suggest that I will recall that I spotted somewhere a recipe for something or other – remembering where I in reality spotted it is further of an issue.  In this case I remembered that I had noticed a recipe through Bill Grainger for a cake which would possibly merely do for my apricots.  I have no idea who Bill Grainger is excluding that he is Australian and I have noticed his books available on the market proper right here and there.  As it happens, when I had noticed this recipe on the internet some time prior to now I then spotted the guide that it comes from in a charity retailer for £1 so I bought it.  It is in reality full of interesting and useful recipes.


The method is rare in that you simply make a rubbed-in aggregate, put part of it throughout the tin, put the fruit on top, upload further components to the other part of the combo to make a batter and pour over the fruit.  It produces a in point of fact wet cake with a less attackable layer at the underside which makes it paintings as each a cake or a dessert.  I made mine using a foods processor so it used to be very speedy and easy to make.  The original recipe is for a peach and raspberry slice so it passed off to me that my apricots and a handful of blueberries could be a in point of fact very best other. 




It used to be utterly delicious.  Merely as delicious for the reason that peach and raspberry combination would also be I’m sure.  I had to wager how so much fruit to use – what choice of apricots of various sizes are the an identical as 3 peaches?  It made very wet cake so I at a loss for words if a lot much less fruit can also be upper next time then again plenty of comments where the recipe turns out on the internet suggest using a lot much less liquid throughout the batter so I might try that.  One of the places you might even see it is proper right here.

Finally, it is for sure one I will likely be making another time.  This is how I adapted the recipe: 




185g undeniable flour

1½ tsp baking powder plus an extra ½ tsp

125g butter, chilled and diced

115g **refined brown sugar 

115g **caster sugar

9 apricots, halved and stoned

a handful of blueberries

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 egg, calmly crushed

185 ml ** milk




Grease and line the ground of a 24cm sq. baking tin.  Preheat the oven to 180C / 160 fan / gasoline mk4. 


Sift the flour and 1½ tsp baking powder proper right into a foods processor with the butter.  Blitz for only a few seconds to make crumbs.  Upload the sugars and blitz another time to mix.


Tip part of the crumbs (I did in reality weigh mine) into the able tin and press over the ground.  Scatter the fruit calmly over the top. 


Upload the vanilla, egg, milk and the other ½ tsp baking powder to the foods processor and process to make a batter.  Pour this over the fruit and bake for approximately an hour until golden brown.  Cool throughout the tin.


Cuts into about 15 slices. 


** I made 2d cake using a lot much less sugar and less milk. 

100g each and every of the sugars, 150ml milk.  It used to be upper I consider.


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