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The theme of our newest cake and bake club meeting used to be “on development or vintage” and after I used to be wondering what to make I remembered this recipe for “frozen fruit cake”.  It gave the impression some time previously inside the blog written by means of Mary-Anne Boermans, a previous GBBO contestant, referred to as “Time to cook dinner dinner online”.

Mary-Anne has a passion for old-fashioned recipes and this one it appears dates once more to the 1930’s.  The great thing about it is that you should utilize on the subject of any fruit the least bit, fresh, tinned or frozen, making it very flexible and delightful and exactly my cup of tea.



The cake aggregate is made using the rubbed in method.  Part of it is spread over the bottom of the tin, then the fruit is mixed into the other part previous than spreading the mix on top.  The idea that is this prevents the entire fruit from sinking to the bottom all over cooking and it worked!



The cake had a firmish texture, highest as a traybake for picnics and plenty of others.  I put fresh fruit in mine, using up what I had in the refrigerator, so it used to be a aggregate of strawberries, cherries and blueberries.  It’s not a gift stopper or an improbable instance cake alternatively an effective way of using up combined fruit from the fruit bowl or freezer.  Just right with a cup of tea inside the afternoon.   Desirous about it, there were most likely no longer “showstopper cakes” spherical inside the 1930’s.  Between the wars most people would had been extremely joyful and thankful to have any type of cake at the tea table and likewise you indisputably don’t have observed the glamorous cakes we get this present day, no longer in ordinary families anyway.  You may even see the recipe proper right here. and it cuts into about 12 pieces.


 Cake and Bake club meeting June 2019.


CCC club meeting February 2016.  


The cake club has advanced into something I’m really not too sure about.  We used to have a actually successful division of the Clandestine Cake Club inside the Loire Valley, attracting a large number of people and beautiful cakes at each and every meeting.  When the CCC folded the contributors made up our minds they need to continue with meetings alternatively trade to a “cake and bake” club (regardless that most people however consult with it as “cake club”). 

At the ultimate meeting there were only 4 cakes at the table, 3 of that have been baked by means of us – me, Nick and my brother who used to be staying with us on holiday. 

Among other problems at the table there were 3 just about similar quiches, rock buns, biscuits and a calming dessert.  All successfully made and actually tasty alternatively……for me there may be not anything somewhat similar to the sight of a table filled with gorgeous cakes.  The two pictures above serve for example what I suggest.

Truffles are specific, a handle, an issue to bake and delightful to take a look at.  There is a sense of enjoyment and success every time you have baked a fantastic cake and bring it out for everyone to dinner party their eyes on and magnificence a slice.  I’m not sure it’s possible you’ll say the similar a couple of quiche, even a actually excellent quiche.  In my ideas the club used to be no longer started in order that other folks would possibly ship the regularly problems they bake for tea.

Hi there ho.  You could be told additional about it proper right here.


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