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Talking about Agen prunes in my previous submit rang a bell in my memory of a dessert I made using prunes soaked in brandy a long time previously.  In a snatched part hour between the drying of coats of paint in our newly created mattress room upstairs I did a little bit bit of research and positioned the pictures – as far back as 2010.  Gosh, used to be it in truth that long ago that I made this clafoutis?  How time flies!


A clafoutis is a very talked-about dessert in France, maximum incessantly made using fresh cherries during the cherry season and then apricots and plums somewhat shortly.  It is basically a dessert consisting of seasonal fruit baked in a batter.  Most often it is served in spoonfuls from the dish, other events it is served sliced like a cake.  Each manner, it’s stunning and there are zillions of recipes for it in the marketplace. I have moreover made a caramelised apple clafoutis which used to be stunning (see proper right here) and a banana clafoutis, using as it happens gluten unfastened flour (see proper right here) which used to be similarly delicious for banana fans on the other hand certainly not typical. 


My favourite recipe comes from my buddy Susan which you are able to see proper right here.  Temporarily after her recipe gave the impression in her blog I used it to make a cherry clafoutis and wrote about it as a holiday cooking submit in a single different blog.  A follower then left a observation that she makes a clafoutis using prunes soaked in brandy and I was intrigued.  It used to be a type of problems that I felt pressured to make as briefly as possible so I did – and I have to mention that if you are partial to prunes – it used to be delicious!  Because of this it is time I wrote about it proper right here. 



Stoning the prunes proved to be a fiddly, sticky and messy activity. To start with the stones I eradicated had lots of the flesh of the prunes however hooked as much as them and plenty of the rest of it used to be during my hands and stuck to my sleeves. After a little bit little bit of observe I came upon some way that succeeded in removing the stone and leaving lots of the valuable prunes intact. Agen prunes are moderately expensive so that you can now not be wasted if possible.
The process is to hold the prune with its flatter facets between finger and thumb then cut back into it with a sharp knife all of the method right down to the stone, run the knife during the edge of the stone then turn the prune open and for those who’re very lucky the stone comes out transparent (ish).  Because of this I have given the recipe faff factor ** as fiddling about stoning prunes might not be my favourite passion!
I then soaked them in about two tablespoons of brandy for a couple of hours.

The lady who left the observation about soaking them in brandy then were given right here once more with a 2d one announcing that she does now not hassle stoning the prunes, merely serves the clafoutis with a neatly being caution and the take care of of the nearest dentist! 



100-150g Agen prunes, stones eradicated

2 tblsp brandy for soaking the prunes

50g undeniable flour

50g flooring almonds

100g sugar

½ teaspoon vanilla extract

2 eggs

250ml undeniable yoghurt or a mixture of yoghurt and whole milk

a handful of flaked almonds (non-compulsory)



2 hours previous than making the clafoutis, put in combination the prunes via stoning them and soaking throughout the brandy.


Preheat the oven to 180°C / 160°fan.  Butter a suitable baking dish or pie dish.  Lay the fruit in an even layer throughout the dish. 


Put all of the reverse components except the flaked almonds proper right into a bowl and whisk with {an electrical} whisk or hand blender until you could have a blank batter.


Pour the batter over the fruit, scatter the flaked almonds on top if using them, and bake for 30-40 mins until golden brown and company.


Serve warmth on its own, or with cream or ice cream.


Serves 4-6 folks. 

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