Let's be honest, even the most committed ladies struggle to find the motivation to workout. Our lives are busy; early morning wake-up calls, long hours at work, commitments, social events such as our friends, family, charities, etc. It is so easy to skip the gym and tell ourselves we will workout tomorrow...and then tomorrow turns into the next day, then the next, and before you know it is 3 days later and we still haven't been to the gym. Eek!

What is a busy gal to do?

1. Schedule it.  Schedule workouts like you do work! Just like you have to be at work everyday say from 9am-5pm, you have to be at the gym every night at 530pm or every morning at 6am. It is part of your daily "work" schedule.

2. Buddy Up!  Make it social and enlist a workout buddy! It is much harder to skip a workout when you know another person is depending on you to show up.  Or, join a group fitness studio and become part of the camaraderie of regulars who take class and then go for a drink, coffee, or even weekend brunch!  To this day, some of best friends are people I met in my Spin class.

3. Go Shopping. Buy a new gym outfit! New clothes make us feel good and make us want to show ourselves off. You know you want to take a selfie at the gym in your new outfit and post it on Instagram and Facebook so everybody tells you how fabulous you look ;)


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Anyone who tells me shopping will increase my commitment to working out, I trust! Great blog post Amy! I am definitely taking your advice – especially #3!

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