Music is one of the best ways to keep you motivated and pushing through a tough workout.  Here is what is on our playlist this week:


1. Addicted to You - David Guetta

2. Black Cat - Janet Jackson, Fierce Tease's Ferocious Bootleg

3. Cantina vs The Wall - Pink Floyd, Reconstruction Shori Mash Up

4. Whistle - Flo RIda, Justin Sane Bootleg

5. Way I Are - Timbaland, Ross FM Remix

6. Party Like A Rock Star - Cousin Cole & Shop Boyz Mix

7. Work It - Nelly with Justin Timberlake, AC/DC Remix

8. We Speak No Americano - Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP, Roledex Remix

9. TNT - AC/DC, Reepr Bootleg

10. One Two Step - Missy Elliott & Captain Planet, Situation Mix


What is on your playlist this week? We would love to know!



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