It is no secret that eating healthy while traveling is very hard to do.  As I have traveled more and more over the years, I have gotten better at creating a travel program for myself. My "travel program" consists of my packing, my workouts, and my food. It is so easy to just go into a restaurant 3 times a day and order food.  It is mindless, requires very little effort... and that is why we do it. How do you avoid falling into the travel food trap?  Plan and prepare. This means making a trip to the grocery store before you travel and take your food with you. By food, I mean REAL food, not protein powders and bars.


Travel Food List

1. Apples

2. Strawberries and Blueberries - Buy the organic kind, put it in a sealed container.  The trick to keeping it fresh is to not wash it until you eat it!

3. Raw Nuts (almonds, brazil nuts, cashews)

4. Carrot and Celery sticks (I buy the fresh pre-cut packaged ones at Whole Foods)

5. Broccoli and Cauliflower (I buy the organic fresh pre-cut packaged ones at Whole Foods)

6. Nut Butters (Justin brand nut butters are about $.80 per packet and they are wonderful for traveling because each packet is 1 serving)

7. Sweet Potatoes - you can cook sweet potatoes in the crock pot and then put them in a container. Put about 2 inches of water in the bottom of the crock pot throw in as many Sweet potatoes as you want, cook them on Low for about 6 hours. Done!

8. Salad - Mixed greens, lots of veggies, nuts in a container. Lemon juice dressing (see #9)

9. Lemons - Whole lemons travel well and the juice can be used as your salad dressing. Also, I love to squeeze in my water. 

10. Oatmeal - buy the PLAIN non-flavored oatmeal that comes in packets.  You can get hot water anywhere.  I like to add cinnamon or apples to mine.  Dry oats in nut butter is fabulous too and makes a great snack or breakfast!


What do you take with you when you travel? 





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