Most of us live very busy lives, and many of us travel a lot for work and for pleasure.  Let's be honest, sometimes it is hard to get in a workout while you are on the go, especially if you do not have access to a gym or health club.  The reality is, many of us don't know what to do without any equipment.  We have made a list for you!


1. Push-Ups - Push-ups are the best upper body exercise.  If a true push-up is too hard for your, perform them on your knees or elevate your upper body by using a chair, couch, etc.  To increase the intensity, elevate your feet.  Place your feet on a chair, couch, etc so that your upper body is in a decline position.  


2. Single Leg Squat - This exercise is literally sitting down and standing up...except on 1 leg.  Start by standing one your right leg, extend your left leg out in front of you.  Keep your weight in heels and sit down onto a chair, bench, couch, etc.  Once you sit down, keep the weight in the right leg and stand yourself right back up.  Repeat on the other leg.  


3. Mountain Climbers - In a plank position on your hands, pulling your knees to your chest like you are running in place.  Your can do them as quick or as slow as you need to.  If you don't like the high intensity, pull your right knee to chest and place your foot on the ground, then pull your left knee to your chest.  


4. Jumping Plie Squats - This is definitely one our favorites!  Start in a Plie position with your feet wide and your toes turned out.  Bend your knees as close to a 90 degree angle as possible and jump up.  Land back in the squat position.


5. Burpees - Last but definitely not least!  The Burpee is the ultimate body weight exercise.  It focuses on strength and cardio all in one.  



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