I love to juice my fruits and vegetables, and not because it is “trendy.” Green juice is rich in antioxidants and cleanses the body of stored wastes and toxins that interfere with the proper functioning of cells and organs. Dark Leafy Green Vegetables (which I lovingly refer to as DLGs) is the food group most commonly missing in the Standard American Diet. When you nourish yourself with greens, you may naturally crowd out the foods that make you sick.

The benefits of juicing include: Glowing skin, increased energy, an improved digestive system, increased mental clarity, decreased bloating, and a feeling of “lightness.” Are you nervous about juicing your fruits and vegetables because you don’t think they juice will taste good?  After years of juicing my fruits and vegetables I have created the perfect formula for delicious and nutritious green juice!

Love Your DLGs Green Juice

2-3 organic cucumbers 

1 cup organic spinach 

4 stalks organic celery 

2 organic apples

1" ginger root
1 organic lemon

Run ingredients through juicer & enjoy! 



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