A weekly professional blow out is one of life's greatest delights.  Is there anything better than having someone wash and massage your head?  That is tough to beat!  When I walk out of the salon with my fresh blow out, I feel like a million bucks and that I can conquer the world with my hair of gold. 

How do I make my blow out last for days when I am spending everyday in the gym and doing workouts that cause me to sweat? (lets not forget it is summer and Texas heat is serious)

1. Flat metal (prong-less) alligator clips

2. Baby Powder 

The key is to use the flat alligator clips anytime you need to put your hair up; NEVER use a circular hair tie or anything that wraps around your hair.  While I workout, sleep, or just need my hair up out of my face, I wrap it in a bun on the top of my head and secure it with 2 metal alligator clips.  When I pull the hair out of the clips it is still silky smooth and has amazing, natural big waves to it. I can not tell you how many compliments I get on my hair on a daily basis. 


My hair immediately after being taken out of the alligator clips after 9 hours of sleep.  I have not even touched my hair with a brush yet. 

Now for the baby powder.  Have you ever noticed that bang hair gets so soft from the oil that it does not want to do anything, but stick to your head?  That is where baby powder is your best friend.  I sprinkle the powder in my hands (do not sprinkle it directly on your head) rub my hands together and then use my hands to work the baby powder into my roots.  You can do this all around your hairline as well. 

Follow this routine daily and your blow out will last for days!  Stay gorgeous, ladies! 






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