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Workout Ideas for the Temporally-Challenged, aka How to Have a Great Workout, Fast!

It's happens to the best of us. You hit the snooze button a few too many times before your early morning workout, you stayed late at work and missed your favorite class or personal training session, or you've been busy all day and have less than an hour before you *have* to start getting ready for little Suzie's dance recital.

When that happens, what do you do? Skip the gym and take a rest day? Or suck it up and make the best of the short time you have?  Now, I have nothing against rest days. They're an integral part of your training regimen and are necessary for muscle growth and recovery.  But if you've got a tight schedule and have to schedule your rest days, like me, then maybe you can't afford to have another.  But let's be honest, can you *really* get a good workout in 30 minutes or less?

Yes! Here's how.

The Movements:
-Burpees: Begin in a standing position, go down to a plank on your hands and toes, lower your chest to the ground, jump or step your feet up between your hands, stand back up.
Beginner mod: just lower yourself to a plank and stand or jump back up
Advanced mod: lower yourself to a plank, perform a push up (keep your torso straight, don't droop hips), then step or jump back up

-Jump Rope Skips: just like when you were a kid!
Advanced mod: perform double unders
No rope? Do jumping jacks or mountain climbers (L/R is one rep!)

-Air/Bodyweight squats: begin in a standing position, keep your chest up, spine neutral, bend knees and hinge hips. Squat to parallel or lower if possible
Beginner mod: use a chair or bench, sit down and stand back up maintaining a neutral spine and keeping chest up
Advanced mod: add weight (a dumbbell, barbell, your baby), advanced but no weights around? Perform plyometric jump squats

I specifically picked these movements for a couple reasons:

1. Squat = booty. We all love the booty, right? =)
2. These movements can be done anywhere, and you don't need any equipment (or very much equipment)
3. These are all highly effective exercises at burning calories. Together, their a metabolic trifecta.

So now what?
Pick the amount of time you have and give the workout a try!  All you need is a timer on your phone (I like GymBoss Interval Timer--click here for apple, and here for google) and maybe a jump rope.

20-30 Minutes:
-100 burpees
-100 air squats
-100 jump rope skips/50 double unders/50 mountain climbers
Break up reps however you like. If you finish quickly, add 100 lunges :)

Pick a steady pace and just keep moving

15-20 Minutes
-Set a timer for however many minutes you have (15, 18, 20, whatever!)
-Perform as Many Rounds as Possible of:
--10 burpees
--10 air squats
--50 jump rope skips/25 double unders/25 mountain climbers

Maintain a steady pace, and keep moving!

12-15 Minutes
-Option 1: Tabata
Set your timer to Tabata intervals (20 seconds of work:10 seconds of rest x 8 = 4 minutes)
Do all intervals of one movement before switching to the next
--Tabata Air Squats
--Tabata Jump Rope/Double Unders/Mountain Climbers
--Tabata Burpees

Rest is prescribed at specific intervals, so go as hard as you can for the work intervals

-Options 2
3 rounds
3-4 Min AMRAP/1 Min Rest
--10 burpees
--10 air squats
--50 jump rope skips/25 double unders/25 mountain climbers

Continue each new round where you left off on the previous

Less than 12 Minutes?
100 burpees as fast as possible
As Many Burpees as possible in 10/11/or 12 Minutes!

These are just guidelines and time structures. You can switch out any of the movements. Try bench dips, push ups, and sit ups for an upper body focused day, or mix and match your favorite exercises.

Have fun with it.  You're only limited by your own imagination--oh, well, and the clock ;)



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