How to Find the Right Sports Bra

I am always baffled by the number of females who tell me they wear 2 or 3 sports bras at one time. When I ask why, they tell me it is because 1 is not enough to support them. I know the struggle is real, but ladies, if you are wearing 2 bras for a workout session, you are wearing the wrong sports bra!

Breasts, come in all shapes and sizes, therefore you need to be buying a bra that you can adjust to fit your specific shape and size. There are 3 very specific things you need to look for when you buy a sports bra:

      1. An adjustable closure

      2. Adjustable straps

      3. Cups...especially if you want to maintain your shape

The support of a bra comes in two places, first from the band and second from the back closure. You need to be able to adjust the back closure to make the band fit your specific body shape and size. Remember a 3-hook closure allows you to adjust the bra up to 1.5.” Measure 1.5” away from body and think about that in terms of support. You can drop keys through a 1.5” space. If you can do that, you are not being supported from the band.

Adjustable straps are always important as well since breasts sit at different levels on the chest; many sit higher up and many sit lower down. A one size fits all strap is not going to work, nor should it for something as important as your “girls.”

Cups give a bra shape and in return, do the same for you. They also serve another very important purpose and that is keeping your nipples private. It is no secret that nipples do very bizarre things in very bizarre circumstances and if you want to keep those things to yourself, you must have a bra with a cup that offers coverage.  Not the kind of cups that fall out in the washing machine, but the kind that are sewn in and will not move or lose shape.

Design...the design of a performance bra is going to be built to perform. It will be supportive and it will work for even the highest levels of impact. A bra without the 3 above mentioned items is not meant for running or handstands; it is meant for more leisure activity.

Performance bras are not bashful in pricing. I have this question to ask you; If you buy 3 bras at $30 a piece to serve the purpose of 1 bra, doesn't it make sense just to buy the right bra at the higher price tag in the first place?



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