Athleisure Wear vs. Athletic Wear


Fitness has taken a different turn over the years, we have gone from fitness being a go hard, intense 30-60 minute workout in the gym to being walking the dog or strolling through the farmer's market. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying walking your dog or strolling through the farmer's market are bad ideas, but they are not fitness in the sense that they are going to help you build lean muscle mass or improve your overall athletic performance. Thus, you should not be wearing the same clothes for these two very different forms of exercise.

Athleisure is the new coined phrase for what used to be known as workout apparel. The word “leisure” should provide hint that these products will not perform for you in terms of your workouts. This is the clothing you wear to walk your dog, not for a major sweat session. Clothing has to be looked at in terms of specific need, just like the purchase of a car. If you are a mom of 6, a 2-door sports car is not going to serve your purpose of driving your children around; that is why SUV's and Mini Van's are so popular among this specific demographic. They fit the need and serve the purpose. Buying workout apparel should take on the same thought process...what is your need?

Performance athletic apparel is just that, it is made to perform, wash after wash and pint of sweat after pint of sweat. The high quality found in performance apparel is not going to be found in athleisure wear, they are two completely different products serving two completely different purposes. Performance apparel is going to be made from fabrics that have properties specifically for sweat and multiple weekly washings, yet still maintain their fit, color, shape, and stretch. Performance fabrics can take a beating and they will not break down, they will not become transparent and reality check, they will not be cheap.

This type of high quality product is not made for the masses and it will not be found on the racks of a store or in a sale bin.

Nothing is made like a Brick Betty.




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