My mind is a constant state of "the mouse running on the wheel." I am always thinking, creating, observing my surroundings, being aware of what is going on; it never shuts off.  As my niece said, “I am motion.” While she was talking about her 2 year old self, this statement represents me as well.  That constant state of movement is figuring out what I can do to be better. We are all a continuous work in progress. While we can not change other people, we can change ourselves, it is truly a matter of owning our own junk and getting out of our own way.


My business strategist, Ken, and I have hour long conversations everyday about Brick Betty and those conversations always turn personal because Brick Betty is personal.  One of the best pieces of advice Ken has ever given me was, “never be cheap.”  I LOVE that statement!  Yes, it goes along with the Brick Betty products, but it also speaks to every one of us in our own lives.
What is cheap? states cheap is “Costing very little. Costing little labor or trouble.” Think about this, by being cheap a person, place or thing is saying they spent very little time, energy, and effort in what ever the cheap thing is. Would you ever say you spend very little time, energy or effort on yourself?

If you do not put forth your best, you won't get the best. There are no shortcuts in getting there, the train stops at every depot along the route.


I hear 100 times a day, "Brick Betty is too expensive."  You know what, I think that is the greatest compliment we could ever get. Why? Because that statement tells me I have put the absolute best into our product and I refuse to ever compete with those in the middle markets who put in as little as possible to turn the highest dollar profit for themselves. I have put in unbelievable amounts of time, energy, work, dedication, blood, sweat and tears in the Brick Betty product. Those who own the product, will tell you, there is a difference. I will not be inexpensive.
The bar has been set relatively low in the clothing market.  Just like my personal life, where I have set the bar high I am not lowering it, the same goes for Brick Betty. I will not settle at a 6 to compete with those who have chosen a different route.  We will always aim to be the 11. 

Where is your bar set? Is it high? Low? Somewhere in the middle? If you are in the middle, you will have to move and there are only 2 places to go; up or down. Always choose up! Be expensive and know your worth. Never let anybody tell you that you are too expensive.  If they do, it just means they need to up their game to be you are or want to be. When you price yourself too low, there is an automatic assumption by people about your value. My friend Jessica owns a jewelry company and I told her a while back to raise her prices...oddly enough, when she did, her sales increased.

Never be cheap.



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