Have you ever been in a situation in which you lost...and I don't mean you lost a sock or your car keys.  I mean a loss that changed your life; perhaps it was money, a friend, a job, your livelihood.  How did you handle that loss?

I was thinking about this yesterday as I was in LA dealing with a loss myself.  Several years ago, while putting Brick Betty together, we were working with a manufacturer who unfortunately did not work out for us.  In the process of doing business with this company we took a devastating hit, we lost a lot of money, product and time.  We are not talking the cost of a new set of golf clubs, more like the cost of an E-class Mercedes Benz.  When this situation happened, the Brick Betty team discussed it and we decided how we would deal with it, accept it, and move on.  The other party, however decided that they did not want to accept it and move on, they wanted revenge and not just against Brick Betty, but against me personally.  The joys of business.  Long story short, it has been a problem that Brick Betty has had over our heads for the last 8 months.

There is an old saying, "If you are out for revenge, dig two graves."  Essentially, if you decide to take somebody out, you are going to take yourself out in the process.  "Revenge is mine," says the Lord.  I was on the west coast the last couple days handling this situation.  In the end, when the other person finally had to come face to face with me, they did not show up and justice prevailed, as it usually does.  I had prepared myself and I was ready; all my I's were dotted and the T's were crossed.  Never poke a bear at the zoo! 

That negativity no longer looms over the company or myself, but it made me think about how much time and energy we spend hanging on to anger, feeling wronged, just worrying about other people.  Talk about zapping you of your energy and happiness.  If you stopped for a minute and thought how much time in a day, a week, or even a month you spend thinking about somebody that has made you mad or wronged you, how much time would you get back to focus on the one person that really matters...Yourself. 




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