What is Quality? Is it defined by a price tag, a comparison, or perhaps some other intangible? At Brick Betty, we believe that quality is not only setting a high standard, but also ensuring that we live up to and surpass that standard in everything we do.

Some might say that we are obsessed with quality.  We call that an understatement.  As we strive to consistently improve and leave a mark of excellence in all we do, we also learn from other brands who live, breathe, and exude quality.

Have you ever thought about the difference between a watch and a timepiece? You may be asking yourself, “What’s the difference? They both tell time.”  Yes, you are correct, they both tell time.  And that is where the similarities end.

Too often we settle for the “watches” of life. We purchase products that are inexpensive or convenient because they claim to do that one thing we purchase them for.  The product performs for a bit and then fails.  We tell ourselves, “oh it’s ok, it was cheap anyway” and discard and purchase a new one.  Have you ever thought about the amount of money you spend replacing those “inexpensive” items? More importantly, have you ever stopped to ask yourself this very important question….

Don’t I deserve more in life?

We think you do.

We’ve become obsessed with the craftsmanship of legendary timepiece creator, Hublot.  Even without knowing anything about timepieces, you can look at this product and instantly become enamored with its beauty.   Why are these timepieces so coveted? The answer is simple – Quality.

This combination of tradition with innovation is employed by experts in many different fields to craft these timepieces.  Years of research and development and hundreds of components go in to the making of the complex infrastructure that drives the timepiece. 

You may ask yourself who would spend years of R&D and use so many meticulous pieces (most of which can’t be seen) for something that just tells time?

Someone that cares.

It is not just about telling time; it is about passionately pursuing the creation of a product that withstands the test of the time.  Creating a product that represents the wearer and provides them with an experience every time they put the piece on their wrist.

It’s about quality…and you deserve quality in your life. 

At Brick Betty, we believe your workout apparel should be more than just accepting the "watches" of active and athleisure wear, it should be about performance.  It should represent you and your pursuit of excellence.  We strive to create the same “I feel like a new person” experience when you wear Brick Betty.

Don’t you think it’s time to set new standards of quality in your life? We’re here to help.




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