From the milling of our fabrics, to the cutting of our garments, and finally, the sewing and construction; you can be certain every Brick Betty product is proudly made in the USA. We do not compromise on quality, style, fit or aesthetic.


Our pieces are constructed in Los Angeles, CA at one of the top manufacturing facility in the country.  The Brick Betty technical team selects each component part (fabric, elastics, linings, trims) of every product we produce.  Our team of highly experienced manufacturing professionals, trained in the specific needs and handling of stretch fabrics, then craft only the highest quality goods for our customer's. 


Brick Betty utilizes “flat lock” or “reverse cover” stitching methods on all products, providing flat seams that will never chafe or pull apart.




Our proprietary fabric, Beluxe, is one of the finest luxury fabrics available. Beluxe  is a top of the line combination of Modal and 2 other yarns selected for their softness, moisture management and durability.



All Brick Betty fabrics are chosen for their specific performance properties.  Our signature Beluxe and BeluxeAir are 50% cooler than cotton. The breathable fibers pull moisture away from the body even at 65% humidity.  This helps regulate and maintain optimal body temperature while eliminating conditions for odor causing bacteria growth. 


We use only top quality unspun nylon which gives and stretches comfortably with every move.



Beluxe and BeluxeAir's main fiber has been called the “Softest Fiber in the World," perfect for body contact clothing.  Our fabrics will not irritate or chafe sensitive skin as they move and stretch with you for your comfort.  Our durable fabrics will retain their softness and color after repeated launderings.