Every  fabric we utilize is put through rigorous testing and must past our highest quality standards for colorfast to laundering, perspiration and light. Please follow the wash instructions and recommendations carefully.

  1. Wash your products with LIKE colors.  Black products need to be washed with black clothing.
  2. Wash all products in cold water with mild detergent. Never use fabric softeners when washing your products.
  3. We recommend hand washing all of your Bra garments.  These products contain built-in cups, bra back closures, and elastics which are susceptible to distress from the rigors of a washing machine and heat of a dryer.**
  4. Do not place any of your products in the dryer, as the specialized elastics in certain products are susceptible to high heat. Please lay flat or let them hang dry. You can tumble dry on low if needed.
  5. If you must iron, use a COOL iron.

**NOTE: We source only the highest quality fabrics and notions for our products, however the fact remains that certain products are susceptible to heat.  Please read and follow the Wash Care Instructions to ensure the longevitity of your products.