Question: How Do I Access EClinicalWorks?

How do I log into eClinicalWorks?

ECW 11e can be accessed from ECW 11 by navigating to the “Help” menu and choosing “Launch 11e URL” from the dropdown list.

The first time you log into 11e, you will probably be required set up authentication.More items…•.

Where is eClinicalWorks located?

Based in Westborough, Mass., eClinicalWorks has additional offices in New York City, Pleasanton, Calif., and Alpharetta, Ga. More information on eClinicalWorks can be found at or by calling 866-888-MYCW.

How do I unlock my phone encounter in eClinicalWorks?

You can start a new telephone encounter (TE) from the “T” jellybean or from the Hub. When started by clicking ON the “T”, no patient is selected, and you must search to find the patient to associate with the TE. If started from the Hub, the patient data is automatically associated with the new TE.

Is eClinicalWorks cloud based?

eClinicalWorks 10e is a platform- and device-agnostic suite of cloud-based tools that include big data and telehealth visits. The EHR suite supports meaningful use stage 1 and stage 2. According to the company, many of the features within the suite can be configured on a per provider basis.

Who uses eClinicalWorks?

Who uses eClinicalWorks?CompanyWebsiteCountrySterling Engineering Inc.sterling-engineering.comUnited StatesNew York Jets, LLCnewyorkjets.comUnited StatesTime Out Group PLCtimeout.comUnited KingdomCompass Group USA, Inc.compass-usa.comUnited States1 more row

What is eClinicalWorks standard?

eClinicalWorks follows standard HL7 SIU messaging protocol to keep appointments in sync with other EHR and hospital systems. Common SIU messages implemented but not limited to S12, S13, and S15. Message Types: HL7 SIU.

Is eClinicalWorks web based?

Built for Value-Based Care Providers enjoy easy documentation, the latest in interoperability, and can access patient data anytime, anywhere — on a PC or Mac® using a web browser, a smartphone, or an iPad®.

How do I access eClinicalWorks from home?

As long as you have internet access, you can work from anywhere, anytime. As an eClinicalWorks Cloud customer, you can run the eClinicalWorks EHR/PM on Windows (natively or through the Google Chrome browser), on a Mac (through the Google Chrome browser), or if you prefer, the eClinicalTouch EHR for iPad.

What is difference between EHR and EMR?

Both an EMR and EHR are digital records of patient health information. An EMR is best understood as a digital version of a patient’s chart. … By contrast, an EHR contains the patient’s records from multiple doctors and provides a more holistic, long-term view of a patient’s health.