Question: How Many Lines Can Be Drawn Passing Through?

What is the maximum number of points of intersection of three lines in a plane?

3 pointsThe maximum number of points of intersection when 3 lines are drawn in a plane, as shown, is 3 points..

How many lines is 4 distinct points?

Since two points determine a line and there are 4 points (and no 3 of them are collinear), the number of lines that can be created is 4C2 = (4 x 3)/2! = 6.

How many lines can 3 Noncollinear points draw?

Four linesFour lines can be drawn through 3 non-collinear points.

What are the corresponding angles?

: any pair of angles each of which is on the same side of one of two lines cut by a transversal and on the same side of the transversal.

How many lines can be drawn to pass through two given points?

So, the lines passing through 2 points will be infinite. But only one straight line can pass through two given points. So, geometrically only 1 straight line can pass through 2 distinct points.

How many lines can be drawn passing through three points?

Only one line is passed through 3 collinear points …. And from one point infinite line can be passed….

How many points are determined by three distinct points?

Answer. If the three points are collinear then only one line is possible and if the three points are not collinear then three lines are possible.

How many lines can be drawn passing through 10 collinear points?

The number of ways to select any points (out of 10 distinct points) will be 10C2. Once we select the points, there is only 1 straight line which will be formed using these points. Therefore the number of lines will be 10C2 x 1 or 45.

How many lines can be drawn to pass through a given point?

Only one line can pass through a single point.

How many points is enough to fix lines?

Two pointsTwo points are enough to fix a line.

How many Transversals can be drawn for two given lines?

Answer: The answer is infinite number of transversals. Step-by-step explanation: We are asked the question that how many transversals can be drawn for two distinct lines. A transversal is a straight line which cut both the lines at two distinct points.

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Which figure is formed by 3 non collinear points?

A triangle is a figure formed by three segments joining three noncollinear points. Each of the three points joining the sides of a triangle is a vertex. The plural of vertex is “vertices.” In a triangle, two sides sharing a common vertex are adjacent sides.

How many lines is 5 distinct points?

Answer. Answer: Attempt: Given 5 points, a line consist always of 2 points. Thus the total number of straight lines that can be drawn between 5 points is 5_C_2 = 10.

How many lines passes through three distinct non collinear points?

While if we have three distinct non collinear points, only a single unique plane can be drawn passing through those three points. Therefore, a minimum of three distinct non collinear points are required to get a unique plane.

How many Transversals are there in the figure?

Step-by-step explanation: Transversal are line that intersect parallel lines. There are total 10 pairs of parallel line and so 10 transversals.