Quick Answer: Who Are The Most Hated Singers?

Who is the most hated pop star?

10 of the Most Hated Musicians of All TimeChris Brown.Fred Durst.Taylor Swift.

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Axl Rose.

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Pitbull.Miley Cyrus.

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Kanye West.Marilyn Manson.More items…•.

Kid Cudi. Song Streams 113.5M. Song Streams 113.5M. … Ariana Grande. Song Streams 54.6M. Song Streams 54.6M. … Juice Wrld. Song Streams 52.8M. Song Streams 52.8M. … Drake. Song Streams 52.3M. … YoungBoy Never Broke Again. Song Streams 51.2M. … Pop Smoke. Song Streams 44.2M. … Pentatonix. Song Streams 43.1M. … Jack Harlow. Song Streams 42.8M.More items…

Who is the most loved singer?

Popularity rankingArtist01RihannaTrack artist02ColdplayTrack artist03DrakeTrack artist04EminemTrack artist91 more rows

Who is the most annoying singer?

Britney SpearsIf we’re talking about famous singers, Britney Spears has THE MOST annoying voice EVER. Sure, she has some catchy hits that even I might hum along to, but overall her voice is grating, nasally, and not at all sultry like people say it is.