What Happens If You Lose All 5 Senses?

What would happen if you had no senses?

You can somewhat overcome losing your sense of smell, sight, taste, or hearing.

But if you lose your sense of touch, you wouldn’t be able to sit up or walk.

You wouldn’t be able to feel pain,” said Barth, a professor of biological sciences and a member of Carnegie Mellon’s BrainHubSM research initiative..

Is it possible to lose the sense of touch?

It seems as though we all lose touch receptors over the course of our lives. It’s not like we have them until a certain age, then they suddenly disappear — we lose them very, very slowly.

Do your other senses get stronger if you lost one?

There’s a quirky phenomenon where people who lose one sense can gain near-super abilities in another, especially if that sense is lost early in life. Blind people may hear better; the deaf can have a type of enhanced vision.

Do all five senses decline with age?

Older people can expect some decline in their five senses. While the sense of smell, taste and touch all change with age, often the most noticeable changes affect our vision and hearing. As senses change, older people may find it more difficult to socialize and participate in activities.